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Art Deco Museum founders Karolis and Petras have opened another, but more luxurious, urban interior from the time of the First Republic of Lithuania to the public: a 136-square-metre, 5-room apartment with 2 balconies and a huge terrace overlooking the slopes of Žaliakalnis, with golden paint on its walls.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the sustainability solutions applied in the restoration of this interior, to compare the current state of the restored apartment with the post-communal period or with the images captured during the filming of the all-time best HBO series Chernobyl.

The museum features interwar Art Deco and Amsterdam School-style furniture, which will also be available to try out during guided tours.

Queer theory is used to help explain the particularly colourful and vibrant colours of the walls and the mannered sculptures decorating the building.

An integral part of the story is related to the Jewish culture of Kaunas and, unfortunately, to the tragic fate of the house's inhabitants during the Holocaust.

It is the only building in Lithuania built in the style of the Amsterdam School architecture in 1928, and we should be grateful to the owners of the building, Moses Posvianskis and Girš Klis, who wanted to give Kaunas a building with a unique architectural style that is unusual for the region, as well as to the architect Jokūbas Peras, who was determined to realise this project. The architectural style of the Amsterdam School originated in the Netherlands, with various decorative elements borrowed from Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. The façades are characterised by their unique plasticity and curved angles, as well as segmented windows and sculptures.

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