The Amsterdam School Museum is an exclusive museum located in a 136 sqm apartment at 58-6 Vytauto Ave., Kaunas, Lithuania.

It is the only building in the Amsterdam School architectural style in Lithuania, erected in 1928. Its construction was financed by young Kaunas residents, Moses Posvianskis and Giršas Klis, who were only 28 years old. The building was designed by a young architect, Jakub Peras, aged 25, whose house is located nearby at 2 Trakų Street.

The founders of the Art Deco Museum Karolis and Petras have opened to the public another, but more luxurious, urban interior of the First Republic of Lithuania: a 136 sqm 5-room apartment with 2 balconies and a huge terrace overlooking the slopes of Žaliakalnis.

The museum organises unique experiential excursions, which give guests the opportunity to see up close and feel with all their receptors how hard-working, energetic and courageous young people lived during the period of the First Lithuanian Republic. You will learn about how they lived and all their inspiring and shocking stories only by visiting the guests, and throughout the tour you will be accompanied by the museum's exceptional guides Justė, Egidijus, Tadas, Petras and Karolis.

The museum features inter-war Art Deco, Modernist and Amsterdam School furniture, which will be available to try out during guided tours.

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